As described in “AI Transformation Playbook How to lead your company into the AI era” Wave of artificial intelligence has poised to transform every industry, just as commercialization of electricity did 100 years ago. While it has already created tremendous value in leading technology companies such as Google, Microsoft and Facebook, much of the additional waves of value creation will go beyond the software sector.

Smart Store Strategy Map

We also point out this issue previously for those companies who ask themselves “To be Smart Store, or Not To Be: that is the question.” In this chapter of Partner Insight, not just introducing capability of Partner Tech, we also provide the systematic strategies for those ambitious F&B owners or Retailer to start their journeys to become intelligent Headquarter in three evolving milestones.

Evolving Headquarter and Branches

Before exploring this AI process, we should clearly define “BI (Business Intelligence)” first and then to discuss the possibility of process automation, which we mean “AI” here. For example, in which direction or what kind of scenarios. Let’s make a example for F&B owners and retailer: how to make good prediction for your customer purchasing behavior. For big-data marketing strategy, four new “P” was introduced” people, process, prediction, and performance.

Customer Relationship Management

For this new 4-P model, owner should define their unique features to describe their people. For example:

  1. New customer (buying for the first time)

  2. Existing customer (generating the most of revenue)

  3. Sleeping customer (those return rates are lower than 10%)

Among those existing customers, three levels are also classified:

  1. E0: main customer

  2. S1: sleepy customer

  3. S2: asleep customer

N-E-S model for customer buying cycle

For detailed modeling and manipulation of your pilot run for AI automation, you should consult with your solution partner for continuous improvement. Just like 5 steps that AI Transformation Playbook recommends:

  1. Execute pilot projects to gain momentum

  2. Build an in-house AI team

  3. Provide broad AI training

  4. Develop an AI strategy

  5. Develop internal and external communications

Last, two main stages and corresponding five steps would be introduced: project and service management, which including “discover, plan, deploy, manage, and optimize”. In each step, our team will cooperate with your team to make progress possible. Every company has it unique mission statement and short-term and long-term goals for satisfying their customers and shareholders. Consulting with the relevant internal members for getting clear goals, it will be a necessary. Remember that “start with the end in mind”.

How Partner Tech Be Your Tech Partner

Further, to know your resources well, it’s suitable to develop an actionable plan with SMART principle. Be careful, SOW (statement of work) including objective, budget and timetable should be decided in this phase to reduce unpredictability. Moreover, start your proof-of-concept to make sure your customers feel comfortable that this project is in the right direction. After mass deployment comes “Management” phase, it focuses on your device management for better usage and prevention of accident. Last, to be in good cycle of PDCA, continuous improvement is necessary for optimizing your next cycles.

For getting overview of how partner tech’s capability to help your digital transformation, please read the full introduction shown in our business proposal, and welcome to discuss with our experts.