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Why Pre-Ordering APP Achieve Win-Win for Customers & Restaurants

What’s your favorite dining experience? What makes diner return to the same place to enjoy meal with different friends? ...
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How Partner Tech Be Your Tech Partner

As described in “AI Transformation Playbook How to lead your company into the AI era” Wave of artificial intelligence ...
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How Headquarter and their Restaurants Dance Successful Waltz

As a store manager, have you ever found difficulties in scheduling your staffs' shift information? And your employee sometimes ...
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Why KIOSK Earns MORE Than You’re Paying for?

Why customers love to order thru self-service Kiosk? Unlike kiosks’ rapid deployments in airports, grocery stores and casinos, F&B ...
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To be Smart Store, or Not To Be: that is the question.

Since 2000, Point-of-Sales system has become MUST HAVE solution for most F&B and retail chain stores for its necessity ...
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