9.7 LCD-XV2

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Project Description

9.7” Color LCD 2nd Display

Customer Display Alternative Choice

  • Easy to use and can be applied as a second, customer-facing display in retail environments.

  • Strong compatibility and can also be used as the main display for applications
    requiring a small screen.

  • High speed, cost and space-saving display.

  • Can be fixed easily in the required position convenient for the customers or staff.

  • Flexible base and rotable display

  Item E-POS-9.7LCD-XV2
Screen: 9.7” LCD 2nd Display
Resolution: 1024 x 768
Viewing Angle: U/D/R/L: 10/20/30/30
Backlight: EDGE-LIT LED
Response Time: 5ms
Contrast: 1:500
Brightness: 300 (AVERAGE)
Power Input: 3.0V
Dimension: 231L x 160W x 240H mm
Weight: 1.35KGS
Environment: OPT 0-40°C

Humidity 38-80%



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