Project Description

ELS-E-PoS Lable Scale 1100C

Thermal Label Printing Scales


  • Exquisite,withdrawable printer, easy to take out paper and replace
    paper, simple and convenient operation.

  • Support PLU updating on line and editing, ensure the item all the latest information.

  • Storage capacity up to 10000 pieces of commodities and support 224 hotkeys. Set menu shortcuts,
    through the PC software can adjust the hotkey sequence and print it out.

  • Water-proof, moisture-proof, insect-resistant.

  Item Thermal Label Printing Scales
Max Capacity: 6/15KG, 15/30KG
Verification Scale Interval: 2/5g, 5/10g
Minimun Capacity: 40g, 100g
Display: Two Line LCD 256*32 dot matrix display
Weight digit: 5 digit;
Unit price digit: 8digit;
Total price digit: 8digit.
Keyboard: Number:140 buttons, 28 function keys, 112*2 hot keys
Data Storage: Store 10000PLU,can set at most 112 hotkeys
Printing Speed: 80mm/s
Interface: RS232+Ethernet or RS232+Ethernet+WIFI
Power Supply: AC100~240V,50/60Hz
Dimension: Length437mm * Width372mm * Height523mm
Label Paper Size: Width, 30~60mm, Maximum outer diameter, 100mm, Maximum inner Diameter, 40mm
Paper Out Method: Tear or Strip
Temperture Working, 0~40, Storage, -20~70,
Humidity Working, 20-85%Storage, 5-95%
Executive Standard: GB/T 7722-2005