Project Description

RP-700 Mini Receipt Printer

Mini yet mighty


Mini yet mighty

RP-700 is the most efficient and elegant thermal receipt printer for retail and hospitality environment. Its high speed, compact size and support of both Front/Top receipt printout are suitable for any diversified environment, especially for stores that are looking for tidy table and space utilization. It is specially designed for flexible operation in both under or above counter operation mode. Maximum protection against dust and liquid splashes can also be applied through its Front receipt printout mode, which are critical in extreme environment such as restaurants, bars, kitchens…etc.

RP-700 features in trendy outlook with glossy Black or White selections. Its Dual/Triple-Interface connectivity is capable of connecting any terminals hassle-free.

  • 3 inch (80mm) receipt printer

  • Small footprint with dimension 127mm x 127mm x 134mm (LxWxH)

  • Front paper load & Top paper load (both)
  • Resolution 203 dpi

  • 250mm/sec high speed printing

  • Multiple interfaces:

    • USB+Serial+Ethernet
    • USB+BT
    • USB+Serial+Cash drawer
  • Selection of Glossy Black and Glossy White

  • Energy Star certified

  • MFi Certified

Partner Tech has specially develop RP-700 (only applied with MFi sku) testing APP that can be easily used with Apple handheld devices.

Simply download “PartnerTech Printer” APP from Apple App Store to configure printing function

Item RP-700
Printing Method Direct Thermal
Paper Loading Scenario Top and Front
Speed 250mm/sec
Width 80mm
Resolution 203DPI
Paper Type Thermal Paper
Width 57.5mm~82.5mm
Thickness 0.06mm~0.1mm
Roll Diameter Max. 83mm
Roll Core Inner 12.5mm
Memory RAM : 2MB, Flash : 4MB
Reliability TPH Life 150km
MCBF 70,000,000 Lines
Auto cutter 2,000,000 cuts
Sensor Paper End, Cover Open, Black Mark, Paper Near End
Interface * USB+Serial+Ethernet
*USB+Serial+Cash drawer
Emulation ESC/POS Command Compatible
Driver Windows, MAC
Power Type External Adaptor
AC 100~240Vac 50/60 Hz
DC 24Vdc / 2.5A
Temperature Operation 5°C ~ 45°C
Storage -40°C ~60°C
Dimension 127mm x 127mm x 134mm(LxWxH)
Weight 1kg
Color Black / White
Certificate FCC, CE, CB, 3C, VCCI, MFi, Energy Star


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