Smart Restaurant Solution

As society begins to look beyond the crisis, we are clearly realizing this world need teamwork to fight for the value of human existence. It’s a deep pity to witness our world wide valued customers and channel partners suffering lockdown. Especially in verticals like restaurant, hospitality, and any kind of face-to-face stores.

  • Solution Overview

Partner Tech Corp. solves POS needs in restaurant settings while increasing customer loyalty, optimizing resources, and enhancing the customer experience. They offer multiple highly customizable kiosk, tablet, and mobile solutions to facilitate the customer-employee dining experience. The elegant yet robust designs offer a variety of functions to aid in delighting the diner throughout their experience. Data is gathered at the edge via numerous standard and optional functionalities and is captured and saved in a secure cloud server for subsequent analysis and metric tracking. Digital signage stores facial recognition, gender and age information, while transaction data is captured by POS systems, kiosks, and apps. Meanwhile, the software system collects personal data such as names, mobile phone numbers and emails. All raw data is analyzed in the cloud and visualized in the cloud dashboard.

Case Study

  • The situation:

MWD, a quick service restaurant wanted to increase revenue and improve customer experience.

  • The problem:

This restaurant struggled to profile the needs of their customers including how to design an effective promotion package, randomly promoted ads without ROI insight. Deciding which products to market to whom was very challenging. Additionally, the restaurant found it difficult to train new store managers and staff effectively.

  • The solution:

Partner Tech Corp. products solved these pain points through IoT device profiling and combining transactional data for AI-based recommendations. Specific solutions can be witnessed in the following video: Smart Restaurant Solution: Towards Intelligent Headquarter and Branches

Before Kick-off Meetings

We sincerely invite you to rediscover your own business operation, from surviving to thriving. What’s the business after coronavirus is about? As a 30-year system integrator for global retailers, we are also expected to be your solution partner towards better and solid future. Today, here we summarize our stories, product, and solution. Hope you could find out what we could serve for your business, we fight coronavirus together.


Last, here we present “Smart Store Strategy Map” for brainstorming. For those branches who operate POS system well at current stage, at least 4 focuses should be kept in mind: #interaction #efficiency, #customer and #sales. For detailed brainstorming, welcome to study HERE

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