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Founded in 1990,Partner Technology is a dynamic and flexible company. It not only has the ability to fully understand customer needs, but also uses transactional information technology to develop and manufacture POINT OF SALE products for customers with win-win quality and cost. For more than 20 years, Partner has been adhering to a business-respecting and pragmatic attitude, a high degree of enthusiasm for service, and mastering core technologies.Partner has marketed it all over the world with our own brand.

Partner Technology strives for excellence conscientiously that committed to helping customers pursue successful business experience. Through the good relationship with global customers, Partner Technology continues to innovate, develop and produce products that meets market demand. The installation of more than millions of units around the world has verified the quality of Partner Technology. Recognized by international manufacturers and markets.

Constantly creating the value of sustainable business for customers is the partner’s vision. Always think ahead is the business philosophy of the partner for more than 20 years. The best driving force for continuously promoting high-quality products comes from the increasing customer satisfaction every year, which Partner is your partner for you to grasp the competitiveness of double-speed growth in the cloud generation . Partner is your The best Business Partner.

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